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What Causes Tinnitus? Get the Facts.

Tinnitus is often described as a ringing in the ears, but can also sound like crackling, whooshing, or pulsing. Here are the most common causes of tinnitus and how it’s treated:

The Sounds of Tinnitus

What does tinnitus sound like? It depends on what’s causing it. Tinnitus is more a description of symptoms than a condition in and of itself. Here are some of the most common sounds associated with tinnitus.

  • What Is Tinnitus?
  • What Does Tinnitus Sound Like?
  • I Can Hear a Heartbeat in My Ear…Is it Pulsatile Tinnitus?
  • Why Do I Hear Crackling in My Ear?
  • Why Do I Hear White Noise?

Tinnitus Causes

Ever go to a really loud concert and have ringing in your ears for a few hours afterwards? Loud noise and hearing loss are common causes of tinnitus.

But there are other causes of tinnitus:

  • Beware These Common Medicines Are Linked to Tinnitus
  • The Truth about Vitamins and Tinnitus
  • 12 Things That Make Tinnitus Worse

Tinnitus Talk:

Frank Discussion about That Annoying Ringing in Your Ears. Struggling with the ringing in your ears? Here’s how to make it fade…or even disappear:

  • Is It Possible to Sleep Away Tinnitus Symptoms?
  • How Is Tinnitus Treated?
  • Can Traveling by Plane Make Tinnitus Worse?
  • Could Clearing Your Mind Clear Your Tinnitus?
  • These Foods Can Make Tinnitus Worse

Will the Noises in My Ear Go Away?

If your tinnitus is lingering, you’re probably looking for a cure. After all, tinnitus can interfere with sleep, cause anxiety and even depression. Here’s what you need to know about treating tinnitus.

  • Is Tinnitus Permanent?
  • Is There a Cure for the Insane Ringing in My Ear?
  • Treating Hearing Loss May Help Tinnitus
  • Will Tinnitus Go Away on Its Own?
  • Acupuncture and Tinnitus

Other Hearing Aid Resources and Information

Our mission is to help you overcome or cope with hearing loss. We’re committed to bringing you the latest information on hearing health, breakthroughs on hearing aids, and new hearing technologies designed to make your life easier. We also have a directory of resources for hearing loss treatment.

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