Man holding his ear suffering from otosclerosis.
Kevin St. Clergy
| June 30, 2020

What Is Otosclerosis?

More isn’t always better. That’s certainly the case with something called otosclerosis, the medical term for a hearing condition caused by excess bone growth in […]

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Doctor looking into and ear for irrigation.
Kevin St. Clergy
| June 24, 2020

Is Ear Irrigation Safe?

Ear irrigation uses fluid to break down and clean out deposits of excess earwax. This process is generally considered safe, but it’s not for everyone. […]

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Man with hand over his head because of hyperacusis.
Kevin St. Clergy
| August 8, 2019

Are There Treatments for Hyperacusis?

Treatments for hyperacusis often focus on masking or hiding the sound. Other therapies can help you retrain your ears so they perceive sounds differently. […]

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