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Have you ever been shocked to find out someone where’s hearing aids? If you haven’t, take a closer look some of the most active and social people you know. They’re much more likely to be wearing hearing aids than in years past.

Hearing aids today aren’t the technology your dad was wearing. They’re designed to blend in or make a trendy statement.

They integrate with modern technology and promote an active lifestyle. They’re designed to appeal to all age groups and personalities.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened to hearing aids.

1. A New Kind of Style

You can get hearing aids that look like fashionable earrings, leopard print earlobe clips and even mechanical flowers. They come in funky designs and popular colors. There are even hearing aids that look like glasses or a necklace.

It’s easy to find ones that match your style. When your shopping for new hearing aids, there’s no reason you have to buy something “boring”.

You can even get hearing aids that look a lot like those really expensive and popular wireless earbuds sold by Apple, the company that makes iPhones.

You can also go very discreet if you choose. Hearing aids are getting much smaller and better able to blend in. But if you have a strong sense of style or you’re looking for something different, you can find hearing aids that “get you”.

2. Supporting An Active Lifestyle

Your hearing aids should never hold you back. In fact, they should do the opposite, helping you stay active and do what you love.

While most hearing aids are sensitive to water, you can get ones that are water-resistant and even waterproof. If you love to spend days out on the lake, in the pool or riding the waves, one or the other of these options will help you do so.

Do you love eating out, going to plays, attending sporting events or going for a jog? Hearing aids today don’t just amplify sound. They optimize your hearing experience no matter where you go.

Do you have trouble hearing people on the phone at home or on your cell phone?

They can automatically drown out background noise or bring the background to the foreground so you hear what you want to hear.

3. Wirelessly Communicating with Other Technologies

We expect this side of hearing aids to continue to develop. But it’s already awesome. Many hearing aids can connect through Bluetooth to a SmartTV, smartphone and other devices.

You can then stream the sound right into your ear, eliminating the distance between you and a movie, phone call or favorite song.

If you go to the theater or other venue where they use a hearing loop system, they can transmit the music or dialogue that others hear on speakers directly to you.

4. Protecting Your Health

Do you have a fitness tracker you can wear on your wrist? Do you have an alert pendant in case of falls or other safety measures that allow you to stay independent?

Hearing aids can be equipped to track movement, stairs climbed and even your heart rate. You can share this data with your doctor. Use it to develop a health-improving strategy.

Some hearing aids can even detect falls. They can sense when you’re altitude suddenly drops from standing to the floor. That can warn someone when you’re hurt or in danger.

All of these advanced hearing aid technologies help you track your health and stay healthier.

5. Machine Learning & AI Technology

In the 1950’s, we envisioned robots as clunky machines that would take instructions and complete tasks. Now, robot-like technology fits in the palm of your hand (smartphones) and can even go into your ear as hearing aids.

Hearing aids are getting smarter. They use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

They can not only take commands like “volume up” or “volume down,” they can learn from your environment how you hear best. They can then self-adjust to optimize hearing.

Despite having advanced technologies, hearing aids are designed to be easy to learn and use.

New Designs. Must-Have Technology

Hearing aids are quickly becoming a must-have piece of technology They’re helping people hear and live the active lives they love.

Do your hearing aids have these advanced technologies? They may and you don’t know it. Or it may be time for an upgrade. Talk to your hearing specialist about your hearing and lifestyle needs. Find out about advanced hearing aids.

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