Picture of profile of woman's headMany things change with our bodies as we get older. We may not be as thin as we once were, or may not have as much or as thick of hair as we once did. And, hard as it can be to admit it, we may not be able to hear as well as we once could.

As much as it is hard to admit, sometimes with age we may require the assistance of a hearing aid. Ugh, but hearing aids are for old people!

The Stigma

There certainly is a stigma that surrounds hearing loss with the older crowd. Just like taking the jump to elastic waist banded pants may mean that you weren’t as thin as you once were, having to wear a hearing aid means that you are not able to hear as well either. But aren’t hearing aids big and bulky? Won’t everyone be looking at the hearing aid? Is this admitting defeat? Unfortunately, many people have grown up with these stigmas about hearing aids that simply don’t need to hold true any longer.

Overcoming Your Inner Self

Probably the best first step anyone can take is to realize that looks simply don’t matter. While it may be easy to accept that things in life are changing, for some reason hearing loss can be hard to accept. When critically thinking about all the ways a person must rely on his or her hearing to get through day to day life, it becomes quite a no brainer to understand that hearing is invaluable. Being able to hear means the difference of going to attend a show at the local theater with friends. Or hearing about your grandchild’s first day of school. Or being a listening ear when your daughter calls looking for help and advice. At the end of the day, the appearance and stigma that may be associated with wearing a hearing aid simply do not outweigh the benefits of being able to enjoy life.

Modern Options

Many people are shocked to find out that hearing aids have come a long way in recent years. Depending on the type of hearing loss you are experiencing there are several modern amenities for hearing aids that makes their use very simple. For example, one type of hearing aid is able to pair via bluetooth. The hearing aid even has an app for your smart phone. This means that while you are wearing your hearing aid you can simply open your hearing aid app, turn the hearing aid on and off, and adjust the volume as is necessary. The modern hearing aids work more like headphone ear buds!

Available Help

It is quite refreshing to know too, that help with hearing aids is surprisingly convenient. In most communities there are several stores and trained audiologists that can help find the right hearing aid for you. If you feel like you may not be able to hear as well as you once could it may be time to take the plunge. It is always worth taking a visit to see your primary care physician first. If you need pointed in the right direction you doctor should be able to recommend an audiologist for you to visit. The first step is always the hardest but the rewards of being able to hear clearly far outweigh the bad.

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