Drugs Can Cause Hearing Loss But Can They Cure It?

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A wide range of factors can contribute to hearing loss. The effects of aging, the exposure to noise, and genetics are just a few of the reasons that you may not be able to hear as well as you used to.

After reading some of our recent articles, you may now also know that the loss of one’s hearing can be a side effect of many types of medications. However, there is evidence showing that certain drugs may actually cure hearing loss, and in some cases, prevent hearing loss from occurring.

These drugs that are being developed by pharmaceutical companies and research centers and have been the focus of many clinical trials attempting to cure the underlying causes for a variety of hearing related issues.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

One University is developing D-methionine, an amino acid and antioxidant, that’s found in certain types of dairy products like cheese or yogurt. Research on this substance indicates that it has the ability to reduce hearing loss caused by extremely loud noises if it is taken no more than seven hours after the hearing damage has occurred.

There are also trials underway to determine if a derivative of the substance can be used to preserve the hearing of people who have occupations for which potentially damaging noise is the norm.

Regeneration of Hair Cells in the Ear

Clinical trials conducted by researchers at a pharmaceutical company are focused on a drug has been shown to repair damaged hair cells in the ear, a cause of sensorineural hearing loss. There are more than 15,000 hair cells in your inner ear that are instrumental in the transmission of sound signals to your auditory nerve.

When the hair cells are impaired, the messages that can be perceived by your brain are no longer transmitted. The drug is being tested and appears to be able to help the body regenerate the fragile hair cells and restore the auditory mechanics of your ear.

Repair of Inner Ear Damage

Encouraging results have also been obtained from drug tests conducted by researchers at a medical research company. They have been testing a drug that can resolve hearing loss when it is inserted into the middle ear in the form of a gel. Drugs that are toxic to your ears, a loud noise or an infection can damage and kill the neurons and hair cells in your inner ear.

A component of the drug has the ability to deter the enzyme that causes stress to the hair and nerve cells, preventing damage to your inner ear and your ability to hear. As with other drug trials that are researching ways to repair hearing loss, the period of time in which the drug is applied is a key factor in its effectiveness. For this drug, it has to be administered no more than 48 hours after the damage to the ear structure has occurred in order for it to work.

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