Top 15 Jobs That Are Hard on Your Ears

Picture of construction worker with hands over ears

Typically, being exposed to sounds that are above 85db is considered hazardous to your hearing and can lead to hearing loss. While the majority of people certainly experience times in their day-to-day life when sound is elevated, there are certain jobs where exposure to loud sounds is the norm.

When exposed to loud noises above 85db for extended periods of time your hearing could become jeopardized. Here is a short list of the top 15 jobs that can be hard on your ears.

1. Sound Crew or DJ Staff at Nightclub

Extended periods of time exposed to very loud music can certainly damage your ears.

2. Carpenter

Many tools required at a construction sites regularly emit sounds that can range from 110db to 140db.

3. Landscaper

There are many landscaping tools that are quite noisy. This ranges from a weed whacker to a lawnmower. Being exposed to these tools can cause damage to your hearing.

4. Hairdresser

While noise is typically around 85db and certainly on the lower end of the scale, exposure to loud hairdryers for extended periods of time can do damage to sensitive ears.

5.Airport Ground Staff

Being on the ground by loud jet engines can be particularly risky to your hearing. An airplane can register sounds of about 150db when taking off.

6. Ambulance Driver

Ambulance drivers, while saving lives, are regularly exposed to blaring sirens of around 130db of noise. This job is undoubtedly extremely important but if the driver’s ears are unprotected it can certainly do damage long term to hearing.

7. Nursery School Teacher

Again on our list, is another incredibly important job and one you might not expect to find here. However, being around the loud shouts, giggles, shrieks and screams of children can register around 85db.

8. Logger

Working outdoors is great but unfortunately this job is accompanied by the loud groan of chainsaws all day long. The typical chainsaw can reach around 140db of noise.

9. Motorcycle Delivery

Using a motorcycle to work as a courier is great, but it means that you’re being exposed to the loud engine sounds while you drive about. Couple this with the “wind sound” experienced while riding and you have the potential to reach sounds around 103db which can do serious damage to your hearing.

10. Musician

Simply being at a rock concert has the potential to emit sounds up to 140db, but can you imagine being the person at the front and center? Being the star of the show has some real potential for damaging your hearing.

11. Construction Worker

There are many loud tools that are typically used on a construction site including jackhammers which can create sounds that range from 85db to 100db of noise.

12. Miner

Another job that is regularly exposed to loud tools being a miner is compounded because the sound can be echoed underground. This job has sounds that can reach 140db on a regular basis.

13.Garbage Man

Being exposed to the sounds of a garbage truck can cause long term damage to hearing. The noise produced from the garbage truck can range from 85db to 100db of noise.

14. Formula One Driver

While this is certainly an exciting job, it can be a noisy one. The sounds produced from the race cars can reach up to 135db.

15. Builder

Again, the regular sounds that come from tools can cause permanent hearing damage. Saws, power hammers, and nail guns all have the potential to reach sounds up to 130db.

While it’s unlikely you’ve worked at most of these jobs, any one of them can cause significant problems for your hearing. The noise may seem just a normal part of your workday, but without ear protection it could cost you your hearing in the long term.

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