Only 1 in 7 People Know This Trick to be Happy and Youthful

Happy couple staying youthful.

You’ve been searching for it for most of your life — the fountain of youth.

You’ve looked for it in your diet, exercise, and supplements. You’ve spent more than you want to admit on retinol creams or hair loss gels. You even joined a Yoga class.

But what if we told you there is such a “fountain.” It’s backed by science. It’s not cost-prohibitive. And yet fewer than 16% of people who would benefit actually take advantage of it.

Are you one of them?

Their trick is simple. They’re wearing their hearing aids to treat their hearing loss.

Let’s look at why this trick may just be the best-kept secret to feeling happy and youthful.

How Common Is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss risk goes up significantly by age 45. But it can already be detected in children as young as 12.

40% of people 55-74 have hearing loss. It goes up to 80% by age 75. 25% and 50% of people in these age groups, respectively, have disabling hearing loss.

Hearing loss is 2X as common among men under 70 as it is among women.

While you may associate hearing loss with aging, most hearing loss occurs due to exposure to loud and damaging sounds. Some people are exposed to more damaging sounds than others throughout their life.

Hearing loss isn’t an inevitability of getting older. And failing to treat your hearing loss has been shown by repeated studies to impact your overall health, happiness, and youthfulness.

Yet only 1 in 7 people who would benefit from a hearing aid wears them. This is why you should.

Why Your Hearing Aid Is the Secret to Happiness and Youthfulness

There are many ways that wearing your hearing aid has been directly linked to these two very important attributes in your life.

20% More Likely to Engage in Social Activities

You’ll agree, being with others is one of the things that makes life worthwhile. You feel younger and happier when you spend joyful time with those you love doing things you love.

Those with hearing loss who wear their hearing aid are more likely to stay active and social.

30% Less Likely to Have Depression Symptoms

Studies have shown that people with hearing loss who wear a hearing aid are less likely to report sad feelings and loneliness associated with depression.

They’re also less likely to feel that people are angry with them or trying to avoid them. And they’re less likely to isolate themselves from others.

Less depression equals more happiness.

24% Less Likely to Have Cognitive Decline

If you had a mom, dad or aunt with dementia, you know how scary it is for both the family and the person who is in decline. Cognitive decline makes people feel old because they’re always forgetting and it takes longer to process things.

As it continues, they lose a lot of things that make them happy because they just can’t do them anymore.

If the simple act of wearing a hearing aid can reduce your dementia and Alzheimer’s risk this much, shouldn’t you be wearing your hearing aid?

30% Lower Fall Risk

As we age, fall risk becomes a bitter reality. We’re not as stable as we once were. And falling could mean a severe fracture that lands you in the hospital and rehab for weeks.

That’s not where you want to spend your time. It’s no fun to be in the hospital, in pain.

You’re happier when you can get around more easily. You’re more assured of your movements. You’re less likely to be startled.

Spend your time with friends and family, not with doctors cooped up in a hospital bed by the simple act of wearing your hearing aid.

30% Fewer Arguments and Misunderstandings

How many arguments start because someone thought they heard one thing? The person said something else. Or a person raises their voice so you can listen to them. But you think they’re yelling at you.

Or vice versa, if you both have hearing loss.

Untreated hearing loss puts a huge strain on friends and family. It leads to anger, resentment, sadness and more. But wearing your hearing aid helps you hear better, significantly reducing these happiness-killing moments.

Reclaim What You’ve Lost

Have you not been wearing your hearing aid? You may have forgotten many of the simple joys in life that you’re missing like:

  • Children’s laughter
  • Music
  • Long conversations with friends/family without asking them to speak up
  • Social clubs and outings
  • Birds singing in the park

You may think you can still hear these things. But if you have hearing loss, they don’t sound as delightful as they once did.

Wearing your hearing aid is choosing to reclaim your happiness and youthfulness. Don’t let another day go by without embracing the precious gift of hearing.

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