The House of Tomorrow is Here for Those With Hearing Loss

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You might remember the phrase “world of tomorrow” used when you were younger to describe the bright future that technology would bring to civilization. We’re living in that glorious time, and the evolution of hearing aids has indeed kept up.

Today dozens of hearing aid models have extraordinary features that allow you to connect directly to your TV, computer, or phone. This helps you hear these devices better, but it also creates a more relaxing environment for those around you who were perhaps too polite to tell you to turn down the TV before.

All of this is great for entertainment, but some users find these hearing aid features to be “too complicated” and don’t both setting them up. That could be a costly mistake.

Improved Connectivity Means Improved Safety

You might not realize that a significant number of people over the age of 50 can’t hear their smoke alarms. Do you think you can hear your smoke alarm from any room in the house? Even with hearing aids, this can be a challenge. However, new technology is already reducing this life-threatening risk.

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV a few new devices were showcased. These new hearing aids had the extraordinary ability to connect to smart home-style fire alarms. The result? When your fire alarm goes off, you’ll hear it wherever you are in your home. This works similarly to how hearing aids can stream the audio for your TV to your hearing aid. The only real difference is this device could save your life.

It’s Not Always About Life or Death

That’s not to say that this new smart home connectivity is only about safety. As discussed earlier there is already a great entertainment value to having your hearing aid connected to multiple home devices, but the big trend in smart home technology right now is at your front door. Wifi connected doorbells are being installed in homes at a rapid rate. These doorbells can be as simple as your typical ringer or as complicated as something from a James Bond movie incorporating video and audio.

The good news for hearing aid wearers with these smart home devices is that it’s another device that your hearing aid can connect to. Not sure who’s at the door? You could know instantly without even skipping a beat in your daily routine as the audio from your smart doorbell transmits directly into your ear.

Why it’s Worth Setting Up

It takes time to set up each of these features to work with your hearing aid, and that’s something that deters many from using them. However, it’s important to realize that they can make your life safer, more comfortable, and ultimately, more enjoyable. The best part? Your audiologist is often able to show you how to use these features when you buy your hearing aid. And if you find yourself at home fumbling with the settings, each manufacturer has ample resources to help you navigate these issues.

In short, if you’ve bought a new hearing aid with these fantastic features, you’re missing out if you don’t set them up.

Is it Time to Upgrade?

Older hearing aid models are missing out on a number of these connectivity options, but that alone may not be the problem. There are tons of technical improvements that happen every year to improve the overall audio quality of hearing aids. If you’re having trouble with hearing in specific settings, or just want to explore some of these new features you’re missing out on, schedule an appointment with your hearing care specialist. They’d be happy to help you improve your hearing and your quality of life.

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