Picture of girl with arms in the airWorking your brain is the key to improving almost all your senses, including hearing. The brain is the ultimate translator.

It translates electrical impulse from your skin, nose, tongue, eyes and ears. People don’t technically see with their eyes or hear with their ears because, without strong cognitive function, the signals from your sensory organs are meaningless.

More and more you are seeing medical professional recommending some kind of brain training to strengthen these connections. The right brain exercises do more than improving your mental focus – they can help you hear better, too.

Getting Started

You really need a plan here, because there are many different ways you can do brain exercise. The key is to discover what you really love and put it to work for you. Some easy choices might be:

  • Crossword puzzles
  • Logic games
  • Strategy games
  • Memory games

Most of these are simple to find either in print via game books, in newspapers or on the Internet. You can expand on this concept using hands-on tools like a jigsaw or 3D puzzles such as a Rubik’s cube.

Hobbies count in the brain training game, too. You might learn to knit, for example, or decide now is a good time to start playing the piano. The possibilities are endless, so use your imagination and have some fun with it.

Brain Exercises

Once you find one or two of your favorite brain-centric tasks, set aside some time each day to brain train. The more time you spend on it, the better, but even a few minute a day will help. You don’t have to focus solely on one method, either. You can enjoy the daily crossword puzzle, play online chess or Scrabble with a friend during your break and do some crocheting at night while you watch TV. There is a cumulative benefit, so break the day up into different brain exercises.

You’ll see the effect goes beyond just improving your hearing. Brain exercises improve concentration and memory, as well. Your brain needs a workout just as much as your heart and other muscles do and this is how you get it.

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