Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

Happy senior man who has upgraded his hearing aid.

While it may be true that older hearing aids are better than nothing, chances are what little benefit you get from them comes at a cost. Hearing aid technology has advanced in the last few years. It’s gone from analog to digital, for one thing, and there are features now that weren’t even in the design phase a decade ago. Consider some reasons it is time for you to be thinking about an upgrade.


Older or even low-quality hearing aids have real problems like that annoying buzz you hear every once in a while. How about feedback whenever you get close to a phone, that’s a lot of fun. Sometimes that shrill feedback comes out of nowhere, too. Newer models compensate for common issues so that you hear feedback less often.

Volume Isn’t Enough

Ten years ago hearing aids mainly focused on fixing the volume. Today, hearing aids filter out background noise, have an improved quality of sound and can help you pick out voices over the noise.

You Have to Replace the Batteries – A Lot

Cost is always a factor when it comes to a hearing aid upgrade. The new technology is not cheap, but neither is wearing old, out-of-date hearing aids. Analog devices need new batteries a lot. If you are replacing the battery on a daily basis, or even more often than that, the cost adds up.

Old hearing aids can potentially spend more time at the shop, too. If you think of your hearing aid as a 1992 Buick, you get the idea. It’s in the shop more than it is in your ear and the repairs are not cheap.

Smart Technology Is a Thing Now

Many modern hearing aids have Bluetooth capabilities. Having Bluetooth built into your digital hearing aid means it’s compatible with your phone, your computer, maybe even your television (unless it’s ten years old, too.)

You’re Not Able to Hear at Work

Studies show that hearing loss can mean a lower paycheck. Doesn’t it make sense then that better hearing aids would be a career asset? You will hear your boss and customers better. You will follow directions without wondering if you got it right and had essential conversations without worrying about whether your hearing aids will hold up or not.

Of course, better communication means a better quality of life, as well. You don’t have to sit like a wallflower in the middle of conversations anymore. Jump in and engage with the people around you.

You’re Looking for Something More Discreet

When you look in the mirror at your old hearing aid, what words come to mind? Clunky? Obvious? Oh my god? One of the most significant benefits that come with replacing old hearing aids is style and flexibility. Today’s hearing aids come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can have one tucked into your ear so no one will ever see it, or you can make a fashion statement with a visible hearing aid in your favorite color.

It’s not brain surgery. If you’ve had your hearing aids for more than three years, time to trade up and hear better.






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