Don’t Lose Your Hearing Aid While Wearing a Mask – Do This Instead

Senior man in medical mask on window breathing fresh air from quarantine not losing his hearing aids from face mask.

Senior man in medical mask on window breathing fresh air from quarantine not losing his hearing aids from face mask.In response to the global pandemic, health agencies around the world are recommending face masks when you go out. But for those of us who wear hearing aids, this can be problematic. If the elastic goes around the ears, it can interfere with sound quality. In addition, many people are reporting that they have lost or accidentally dropped their hearing aids when removing the mask.

Yet wearing a mask is a crucial step to protecting your health and the health of people around you. In some areas, wearing a mask is mandated by law when you’re outside of your home.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can wear a mask and reduce the risk of losing your hearing aid:

  • Use (or create) a mask that ties behind the head instead of around the ears.
  • Put the elastic between your ear and the device, not over the device itself.
  • Practice taking it on and off at home until you’re able to do it without losing your hearing aid.
  • Consider putting the elastic over something other than your ears. For example, if you have long hair, you could wrap the elastic around a ponytail or around hair accessories.
  • Create your own “ear alternative”. Take a hat or headband and sew buttons where the elastic would normally go around the ears. That way, when you remove the mask, it will not “grab” or pull on your hearing aid.
  • Wear a device like Ear Gear with a cord, which helps secure your hearing aid to your clothing. Then it will be less likely to fall off when you take off the mask.
  • Only remove the mask when safely back at home, or in your car to reduce the risk of dropping your hearing aid on a hard surface or losing it altogether.

Still having trouble? Call your hearing specialist to see if there is protective gear that might help.

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