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The Connection Between Psoriasis and Hearing Loss

Did you know that psoriatic arthritis can compromise your hearing, your mental health & more? A growing body of research…

2 weeks ago
  • Hearing Test

What Will a Hearing Test Show?

Wondering if a hearing test is worthwhile? Here are just a few things hearing tests can show.

1 month ago
  • Hearing Loss

Medications That May Contribute to Hearing Loss

From tinnitus medications to over-the-counter meds that can harm your hearing, we cover everything you need to know to protect…

2 months ago
  • Hearing Aids

What’s Next in Hearing Technology?

The latest innovations in hearing technology will appeal to all your senses. Literally.

3 months ago
  • Hearing Aids

Can Hearing Test Results Be Wrong?

Worried your hearing test results were wrong? If you still can't hear with hearing aids, it's more likely this is…

4 months ago
  • Hearing Loss

New Medication Restores Hearing Loss?

Have geneticists developed a drug therapy to treat hearing loss? Here's the latest on this breakthrough research.

5 months ago
  • Hearing Loss

What Chinchillas Can Tell Us About Hearing

What can we learn from the chinchilla? Advanced sound-visualization technology used on chinchillas could revolutionize how hearing professionals treat hearing…

6 months ago
  • Hearing Loss

New Discovery Will Lead to More Targeted Hearing Loss Treatments

What if we could treat hearing loss with more personalized solutions? New discovery in 40-year Harvard study will make treating…

7 months ago
  • Hearing Loss

What’s the Difference Between a Hearing Evaluation and a Hearing Screening?

Getting your hearing checked regularly is vital. Get a hearing test from a qualified professional, and if necessary, follow up…

10 months ago
  • Hearing Aids

Would You Pay $16,000 to Avoid Wearing a Hearing Aid?

Do you think you're saving money by not wearing your hearing? This University of Michigan study shows that's a big…

10 months ago
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