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Get Regular Hearing Checkups

Hearing loss can be sensorineural, conductive or mixed. Sensorineural damage affects the nerves, blood vessels and hair cells in your ear that convey sound signals to your brain. Conductive hearing loss is the result of your ear mechanisms having a blockage or damage to the hearing organs, such as from wax build-up, arthritis in the inner ear bones and/or a broken eardrum.

Both types of hearing loss can be the result of a multitude of causes and early preventative measures can help protect your hearing in both types of hearing issues. The only person who will be able to evaluate and diagnose the type of hearing loss you may have is your audiologist.

One of the most common, yet preventable problems related to hearing loss is ignoring a potential problem in the first place. Many people notice their hearing loss gradually worsening throughout the years, but do not seek help. In fact, many adults assume that they are experience hearing problems simply because of their age, but in many cases, hearing loss is caused by something that was completely preventable.

It is extremely important that you pay close attention to your hearing and visit an audiologist routinely for hearing testing. If you notice things, such as ringing in your ears or saying “excuse me, can you repeat that?” a lot, these are definite signs that there may be something wrong with your hearing. At that point, you should see your physician or an audiologist as soon as possible.

If your lifestyle puts you at high risk of hearing loss, you should have your hearing testing annually, regardless of whether or not you are experiencing problems.

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