Hands togetherAvoid Heavy Metals

While many people know that heavy metals like aluminum, lead, mercury and cobalt are unsafe to consume, they may not realize that these harmful metals can be found in small amounts in water and some foods.

And most people know that hearing loss can be among the many consequences of heavy metal consumption.

Here are just a few examples of how you might be consuming heavy metals:

  • Storing high-acid foods with aluminum foil can cause the foil to erode and end up in your food. While this takes a few days, it’s better to keep that lasagna away from your foil!
  • Eating too much fish or the wrong kind of fish can expose you to an unsafe amount of mercury. Typically larger fish have a higher level of mercury since they live longer.
  • Drinking contaminated water can have a wide array of heavy metals. Even something as simple as old water lines can significantly increase the change of water being contaminated.

Along with the harm that these heavy metals may do to the nerves and tissues throughout your body, these metals may also cause nerve damage in your ears that could lead to tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

You might be saying, but I’m not old! I can still enjoy eating the fish from my fishing trip, despite the EPA advisory, but here’s the thing…hearing loss isn’t just a problem for elderly adults. It can affect anyone at any age and it can have a negative effect on your quality of life. Many people who experience hearing loss frequently have difficulties communicating, which can lead to a negative effect on their professional and personal life.

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